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Medical Equipment and Medical Breakthroughs

Maybe you have recently had a medical procedure performed on you. It might have been something rather simple and didn't take very long to finish. It might have even been a procedure that didn't require a long hospital stay. In fact, it may have been performed in a doctor’s office and you were able to go home that very same day.

You may have had a treatment that wasn't available 15 or even 10 years ago and it literally saved your life.

You see, medical breakthroughs happen quite often and millions of Americans reap the benefits and rewards. And there are almost constant improvements on procedures that have been performed for decades. Your medical equipment company gives you some of the most notable changes in surgery and other medical procedures over the years.

Smaller Incisions

Smaller incisions offer patients less pain and less recovery time after surgery. They also leave minimal scarring.

If you were to, say, have your gallbladder removed on the early 1980s, you could expect to be in the hospital for several days and not able to return to full activities for as many as six weeks. But today, patients generally get to go home on the same day the surgery is performed and recovery only takes a few days.

Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery consists of small tools attached to a robot arm which is controlled by a surgeon with a computer. The computer mirrors the surgeon’s movements while the technology allows for better vision and much more precision.

The surgeon is seated a short distance from the patient and the computer displays a three-dimensional image. The advantage to this type of surgery is that there is a greater degree of movement and a considerably smaller incision.

Advances in Radiology

Advances in radiology have allowed medical professionals an easier way to spot and pinpoint causes of symptoms. In the past, these types of tests created blind spots and not everything is quite as clear. You stood the chance of missing something, something critical.

Advanced ultrasound systems are used to discover causes of symptoms and give more accurate characterizations of tumors. They also enable medical professionals the chance for early detection of some cancers and other conditions.


Not all that long ago, a blocked artery meant coronary artery bypass surgery, which is still conducted in severe cases today. However, less severe cases are taken care of with a stent, a wire mesh tube that restores blood flow through the artery.

The stent is inserted into the artery through a small hole in the groin or wrist. The procedure is minimally invasive and patients can be sent home the same day.

Living-Donor Transplants

More than 1,500 people perish each year while waiting for a liver from a deceased donor. But one way to bypass the line to a liver is through a living donor.

Living donors donate half their liver. The patent has their unhealthy liver taken out and replaced with the healthy half liver which will regenerate and reach normal size in just a couple of months.

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