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Medical Supplies: Anti-Fatigue Mats

There are millions of people who spend much, if not all, of their working day standing on their feet. In fact, many stand many hours in a very static position. Workers who stand for these long periods of time on production lines, at counters and seeing patients use 20 percent more energy that workers who sit all day. Why is this? It’s because our bodies aren’t designed to stand.

Workers who stand all day also experience a higher loss of concentration during these times. Unfortunately, the negative health consequences of standing for long periods of time could be irreversible.    

With such risks, it is critical that production workers, bank tellers, dentists and surgeons invest in quality anti-fatigue mats. If you are a doctor or dentist, order a few next time you place an order for medical supplies.

According to statistics, about 24 percent of lost days at work was because of musculoskeletal conditions including pain in the back, neck and feet. That’s more down time than minor illnesses cause. In fact, it is the single biggest loss of productivity.

How Standing Affects You

If you are standing, but continually moving through the day, muscle contractions ensure your blood is circulating through your body. But when you are using muscles just to stand still, all you are doing is putting those muscles under a tremendous amount of strain. It also means you aren't getting blood pumped back up to your heart effectively.

Studies show that it takes only 90 minutes of standing before fatigue sets in. After only 50 minutes, there is a major decrease in the ability to concentrate.

At first, you get a little tired and suffer some aching and fatigue in your legs. Then your feet become affected and start to swell up. If you ignore this, you could develop chronic inflammation, which causes scar tissue and can change your bone structure. Yeah, no kidding, all from just standing too long.

And just so you know, standing for long periods of time also leads to varicose veins and heart problems due to the increased pressure from the restricted circulation.

The best practice is to move around while you are standing and take regular and frequent breaks. But since this cannot always be done, anti-fatigue mats can help combat the negative effects of standing. They have other benefits as well.

Reduce Damaged Materials

When a glass or other fragile objects fall on the floor, it will most certainly shatter. But anti-fatigue mats can prevent this. If an object falls on the mat, the shock is absorbed and the object is less likely to break. Also, if it does break on the mat, it is easier to clean up.

Reduced Stress

You are less stressed when you are more comfortable. Anti-fatigue mats give workers a higher degree of comfort and in return, they feel less stress.

Increased Productivity

If you are more comfortable and less stressed, then it makes perfect sense that you would then be more productive. In addition, anti-fatigue mats mean you can take fewer breaks to ease the pain, so you have added production time.

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