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Modern Medical Supplies and Surgical Instruments

Modern technology has advanced tremendously over the past several decades. This means that there are more surgical instruments and medical supplies used in operating rooms than ever before. Many of the tools you see on the mayo stand and in the operating room have been given a whole new layer of accuracy, efficiency and safety. Here is a list of medical tools that are essential in the efforts to cure and save lives.

Vital Signs Monitor

A vital signs monitor is a highly complex medical device used by hospital personnel that makes use of other medical systems. If you have ever been to a hospital or seen a movie with a hospital scene, you have probably seen one of these.

Basically, the patient is hooked up top one of these machines and the multi-screens show vital signs. This wonderful device lets doctors and nurses keep continuous track of the state of the patients during the surgery and will alert them should any changes occur.


The scalpel is one of the oldest surgical devices and was used by the Ancient Egyptians. Despite the fact that the scalpel is a fairly simple tool, it has undergone some changes over the years. Most modern scalpels are made of tempered steel, but alternates are becoming more common. The laser scalpel is a newer concept. The laser scalpel allows for incredible precision and categorizes blood cells immediately, which prevents blood loss.

LCD Monitor

LCD monitors are used for more than televisions now. The LCD monitor has recently become a necessary price of equipment in the modern hospital. These screens allow surgeons to view high-resolution images of the procedures in real time. The doctor can also move these images around on the screen for easy viewing.

Electrical Sputum Suction Device

The electric sputum suction device is also an older type of medical device that has been in use for many years. But despite its basic design, it is critical and an essential tool used during an operation.

Basically, this device used suction to remove mucus, phlegm and other thick bodily secretions from the area of operation keeping an unobstructed view for the performing surgeon.

Surgical Headlights

Surgical headlights are lightweight, fully adjustable, have an ergonomic design and provide a bright white light that is precise and fully adjustable.

LED lights as surgical headlights were first introduced in 2005, but the technology has changed significantly since then. LED lights have become the choice of many as they offer superior illumination, last up to 100,000 hours and run at a cooler temperature than other types of lights.

Plasma Sterilizer

This medical device might look like a refrigerator, but it is more advanced than the Samsung in your kitchen. The plasma sterilizer is used in hospitals and other medical places to sterilize medical instruments. These devices use ionized gas to rid medical instruments from bacteria that can be potentially dangerous. They are low temperature so they can be used to sterilize heat-sensitive objects.

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