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Surgical Headlights, Instrument Tables, Mayo Stands and Other Medical Equipment You See at Hospitals


The hospital or medical facility that keeps key pieces of medical supplies handy is ready for any case they may come across. The very nature of most medical equipment is to help provide the care people need when their health is on the line.

There is a standard set of medical equipment when you go to a doctor’s office or hospital and other medical equipment that is very specialized and may only be at some locations.

Coulmed offers you the following list of medical equipment you are likely to see at a medical facility.

Surgical Lights

Surgical lights are imperative for proper illumination during examinations and surgical procedures. This piece of equipment is mandatory in any medical setting and helps doctors and surgeons see better.

Surgical headlamps are used by many in the profession. Modern headlights are lightweight, comfortable and provide hours of adequate light on one battery charge.

Instrument Tables

Instrument tables are high-quality stainless steel tables with multiple uses in hospitals, medical centers and doctors offices. These are sleek tables, some have wheels for easy transport.

X-Ray Machine

An x-ray machine is a type of diagnostic medical equipment. It is basically a camera that uses x-rays instead of visible light to expose the film. There are two types of x-ray machines available, the fixed x-ray machine which is not portable and a mobile machine that takes patient care to a whole new level.

Ultrasound Machine

The ultrasound machine id one of the most widely used diagnostic medical equipment used in modern medicine. Sonographers are medical care professionals who use these machines.

Ultrasound machines send out high-frequency sound waves that make images so the organs inside your body can be examined. Ultrasound poses no risk to the patient as it does not use ionizing radiation like a ct scan or x-ray.

EKG Machines

EKG machines record the electrical activity of the patient's heart over a period of time. This machine enables healthcare providers to monitor the rhythm of the heart and identifies any problems or abnormalities. EKG machines are an important part of a hospital’s arsenal of medical equipment.


Sterilizers cover a variety of needs in a hospital or medical center setting. The sterilization process kills all forms of microbial life, including the ones that pose a serious risk to your health.

One of the most common sterilizers, the autoclave, sterilizes equipment with high-pressure saturated steam.


These medical instruments are used to treat life-threatening conditions including ventricular fibrillation and cardiac arrhythmias. They do so by delivering a therapeutic dose of electrical energy to restore the normal beating of the heart.

These are commonly seen in hospital settings and probably at your doctor’s office as well. But you may also see them in hotels, shopping centers and at your place of work.


The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device that is often used to listen in on the heart and lungs, it is also the symbol of the doctor’s profession.

In fact, you have probably seen your doctor with one of these hanging around his or her neck. The design and materials used in stethoscopes differ, but most are made with rubber tubing. Many of these medical devices are two-sided so you can hear high or low frequencies.

Mayo Stands

A mayo stand is a removable instrument tray set on a movable stand that is positioned near a surgical site. It provides an ideal place for sterile instruments and other supplies that are used during medical procedures.

IV Poles

IV poles are medical devices that provide a secure place to hang bags of medicine or fluid that will flow into the patient through gravity. It ensures uninterrupted administration of medicine. They are lightweight and have wheels, so they can be rolled alongside the patient during transport.

Patient Monitors

LCD monitors are standard pieces of medical equipment that allows surgeons to view images of the procedure in high resolution. This way, the surgeon gets a better view of what is going on.

These are all medical equipment and devices that are necessary for a hospital, medical clinic and even in your doctor's office. When a medical professional needs medical equipment like an IV pole or a mayo stand, they call Coulmed.

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