Surgical Headlights - Beta

See The Bright Future of Surgical Technology

Cut ties with your old surgical headlight by cutting cords with your new one! Each headlight in the IDENTIFY series is cordless and provides a cool, powerful white light for less strain on eyesight. The IDENTIFY Surgical Headlight is the perfect companion for any surgeon and has is available in different models for your exact purpose.

I-100 1-200 1-300
Cardio Surgery xmark xmark checkmark
Cardio-Thoracic Surgery xmark xmark checkmark
Cosmetic Surgery checkmark checkmark checkmark
ENT Clinic
checkmark xmark xmark
General Surgery
xmark checkmark checkmark
Maxillofacial Surgery
checkmark checkmark xmark
Neuro Surgery xmark checkmark checkmark
OB/GYN Surgery checkmark checkmark xmark
Oral Surgery checkmark checkmark xmark
Orthopedic Surgery xmark xmark checkmark
Ortho Trauma Surgery xmark xmark checkmark
Pelio Clinic checkmark xmark xmark
Plastic Surgery checkmark checkmark checkmark
Reconstructive Surgery xmark checkmark checkmark
Spine Surgery xmark xmark checkmark
xmark xmark checkmark
Vascular Surgery xmark checkmark xmark
Veterinary Surgery checkmark checkmark xmark