TA-1221-714 Flexible Ergonomic Urology Hoop Frame and Brackets Set



Product Description

This Flexible Urology Hoop Style Frame is very durable and designed to fit any North American style operating tables. The flexible frame allows forgiveness but returns to original shape.

Provides excellent fluid containment for hysteroscopy or cysto procedures on any North American style operating tables.

Flexible Urology Hoop Frame Features:

  • Flexible band with stainless steel ends to safely secure to the side rails.
  • Integrated side rail clamps.
  • Compatible with all suction systems.
  • Efficient fluid containment for hysteroscopy or cysto procedures.
  • Attaches level with surgical table side rails.
  • Fits any North American surgical tables.
  • For ideal fluid containment use in conjunction with Uro-Catcher drain bags. Item #A5313.
  • Made in the USA!

Old Item Number A22672.

       Urology Hoop Frame made in the USA!