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Surgical Armboards 101:

What is an Armboard? Armboards are surgical table accessories that safely support the patient's arms during surgery. They are required in almost every surgical position, including the Supine, Prone, Lithotomy, Lateral, Trendelenburg, and Reverse Trendelenburg positions. Armboards also provide full access for Anesthesiologists to give medication during surgery. For Arm and Hand Surgery, we typically recommend an Arm & Hand Surgery Table. These offer a larger operating surface and full C-Arm image access.   How to Choose the Correct Armboard? Before you start, answer these three questions: Does your Surgical Table have Side Rails? What is the thickness of your Surgical Table Pads? Do you need C-Arm imaging access? Now that you have these questions answered, its time to understand...

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How to choose the correct Arm and Hand Surgery Table

We offer a wide range of Arm & Hand Surgery Tables so matching the correct table for a procedure can be difficult. Each table fits a unique need and every surgeon has their personal preference. This guide will help you identify the differences and help you choose the correct table for your facility in just 5 simple steps. Step 1 Size & Style:   What style fits the needs of the surgeon and procedure? Rectangle- Most common size and is becoming very universal. Total operating surface measures 18" wide by 32" long, fitting any procedure. Hourglass- More specific to the user's preference. Narrow waist allows up close access to the surgery area. Wide outer part offers support for the surgeon's elbow or wrists to rest...

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Surgical Headlights 101

Modern day surgical and dental headlights found on medical supplies websites offer a variety of options for adjustability, comfort and fit. They are also as bright and mobile as ever with new brand names coming in all of the time.If you are in the market for surgical or dental headlights, it would be a good idea to take the time to educate yourself a little bit on what is available. There are so many choices that you want to choose what is right for you.Halogen BulbsHeadlights with halogen bulbs are the traditional choice. This type of bulb is effective, but are no match for modern LED bulbs. However, they do offer a crisp, white light ideal for surgical and dental...

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