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Let's Talk Case Carts | Glass Doors

Why Glass, You Ask?   Our Glass Doors allow you to check the contents of your cart at a glance. Made in the USA with high clarity, high impact, and high temperature-resistant Polycarbonate glass. We offer glass doors as an optional feature on all our Closed Case Carts (not including Over-the-Road Case Carts).   For more information on our case carts and customization options, visit our catalog page.    

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Let's Talk Magnifiers

Processing Sinks Visual inspection during decontamination is extremely important. Enhanced visualization tools are essential to spot residue that the human eye can not detect. With increasingly complex instruments, inspection for damage and contamination are crucial for patient safety, to prevent infection and to ensure the instrument works correctly before it is packed and sterilized.   “Proper overhead lighting and lighted magnifying at the workstations is absolutely essential to ensure that the SPD technicians are able to perform the inspection of surgical instrumentation adequately.”              -Mary K. Lane, MHA, CSPDM, CSPDS, CSPDT     Prep & Pack Workstations Increase quality in your department's inspection practices with digital magnifiers. Providing adequate lighting to ensure your team can...

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Let's Talk Case Carts | Custom Sizing

Made To Fit Your Unique Needs   The term "custom" tends to go hand in and with a more expensive product since it is tailored to your needs. With a Coulmed Case Cart, there are no customization charges. We understand the importance of having a cart that can navigate through tight spaces while maximizing tray storage.   Made with the highest grade American manufactured stainless steel, our team works with you to design a case cart that can do it all- from shelves that fit your robotic trays to finding the perfect fit for your dumbwaiter!                                                      ...

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Transform Your Surgical Table into a Speciality Spine Table

This week is the 36th Annual North American Spine Society Meeting and we are excited to be attending! Showcasing our Spine Frame and accessories in person, we thought there was no better time to update the blog...

The Spine Frame is a cost-effective tabletop platform that fits all standard operating tables and provides safe and comfortable support comparable to that of a specialist spine table. 

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Let's Talk Processing Sinks | Hand Lever Drains

What Makes Hand Lever Drains Different? Hand lever drains allow water to be drained from the sink basin without reaching into the contaminated water to remove a sink drain stopper. Providing a safer work environment, these remote drain levers are a must for any decon sink. Lever handles are mounted externally to the drain below the sink top for maximum drain functionality.     Lever Up Your Decon Sink! With this feature, your SPD team no longer needs to reach to the bottom of the murky, contaminated water after cleaning the bioburden off of the instruments soaking. A pull of the lever and the sink will empty. For more sink info, head over to our SPD brochure, or call to...

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