AMSCO/STERIS C-Max & 4085 Surgical Table Pads

Item #TAM06


Product Description

This Surgical Table Pad Set is the exact match for AMSCO/STERIS C-Max and 4085 Surgical Tables.  Each pad is available in 2", 3", or 4" inches thick, designed to meet and exceed manufacturers original specifications.

Like all table pads from Coulmed; all three sections are covered with our Exact Fit Guarantee!

These table pads include a center hook and loop Velcro set (loop Velcro is sewn onto the pad) for easy attachment and security.


Which Foam Type is best for you?

Tier 1 – High Density Standard Foam Table Pads:

The standard table pads consist of one type of foam, making it your economic choice for use in short-term procedures. 

Tier 2 - Pressure Relief Table Pads:

The Pressure Relief Table Pads were designed with multiple layers of foam, each playing its role to protect the patient from pressure sores. This pad aims to end patient discomfort and ischemia during long-term procedures. 

Tier 3 – Elite Gel & Foam Combo Table Pads:

The Elite Gel & Foam Combo Table Pads were designed for ultimate patient comfort, with complete pressure relief and patient protection forefront. The multiple layers of foam and gel form a complete pressure relief system. This pad works cohesively to provide support and weight distribution during long-term procedures and with bariatric patients. 

*Replaces the need for Gel Table Overlays.


Table Pads Made in the USA!