AC2866 | Stainless Steel Double IV Pole with Steering Wheel and Tray

REF: AC2866


Product Description

Double IV Pole with Steering Wheel and Tray:

An IV Pole with a built-in infusion pump frame and two poles to make it easier to change IV bags.  Also includes a steering wheel and tray to hold all those extra accessories. 
Many benefits include:

  • Raise and lower medications independently for ease of changing fluid bags.
  • Tubes are less likely to get tangled or caught on each other.
  • Infusion pump holder integral so everything is there when you need it. 
  • No added clamps or parts that may get lost or misplaced.
  • Removable tray easy to clean and keeps extra supplies within reach.
  • Low center of gravity six-leg 'spider' base for enhanced stability.
  • Made in the USA!

       IV Pole | Made in the USA!