AC3800 | Remanufactured Yellofins Elite Stirrups with Lift-Assist



Product Description

These Yellofins Elite Stirrups are recognized as the Gold Standard in lithotomy positioning. The Elite Series with Lift-Assist allows for easy adjustment of lithotomy and abduction for patients up to 500 lbs (227 kg).

The "Fin" in Yellofins means the boot is extended along the lateral side (lateral fins) which offers full support to the leg and calf. The lateral fin boot self-adjust to minimize pressure when moving the stirrup.

What does Remanufactured Stirrups mean?

Completely remanufactured to "Like-New" condition; meeting OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards. Includes End-to-End 2 year warranty on parts and labor.

Remanufactured Process Includes:

All surfaces are stripped and refinished, polished or anodized.  All wearing parts are replaced with new: Gas Struts, Boot Clamp Assembly, Rubber Joint Mold, Lateral Fin Boot Velcro and Surfacing, Side Rail Clamps, and Pressure Relief Pads.

Yellofins Elite Stirrups Features:

  • Floating Boot (self-adjusting) eliminates any pressure when moving the stirrup into various degrees of lithotomy.
  • Lateral Fin Boots are designed to cover and protect the head of the fibula and the peroneal nerve.
  • Lift-Assist technology allows for easy movement of the leg when placing it in the desired position.
  • Squeeze Grip Handle provides easy intraoperative adjustment without compromising the sterile field.  Simply clamp and release the handle to adjust and secure the leg holder in any direction.
  • Lithotomy Range: +84° to –33°
  • Abduction Range: +25° to –9°
  • Patient Weight Capacity: 500 lbs (227 kg).
  • 2 Year End-to-End Warranty (Parts & Labor)
  • 10 Year Serviceable Guarantee.
  • Ships ready for use with Right & Left Stirrups, Pressure Relief Pads, and Side Rail Clamps.
  • Replacement Pads: Item #AC3800-BP
  • Remanufactured in the USA!

       Remanufactured Stirrups in the United States of America

Available Accessories:

  • Side Rail Clamps for Yellofins Stirrups: AC70.
  • Replacement Boot Pads: AC3800-BP.
  • Surgical Stirrup Cart: AC1421-SC
  • Single-Use Foam Boot Pads: FP-180-UF.