Product Description

High Cabinets offer double walled solid doors for added strength and sound deadening for optimal performance. Sliding doors ride quietly on noiseless ball bearing rollers. Recessed base allows for convenient 3" x 4" toe space for easy access to cabinet. Bases can be eliminated when cabinet is recessed or other base is used.

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Type 300 Series, nickel-bearing, 1/4" (0.64) thick clear tempered glass.

GAUGES: Body shelves, outer door pan or frame - 18 gauge. Base - 16 gauge. Leveling gussets - 12 gauge.

CONSTRUCTION: Cabinets are constructed as floor and wall supported, individual cases with finished sides, designed to accommodate five adjustable shelves. Cabinets are provided with applied channel shaped bases, incorporating toe space recesses approximating 3" (7.62") deep and 4" (10.16) high. Gussets with leveling bolts are welded into the corners, accessible through button covered holes punched in the cabinet bottoms. Bases can be omitted when conditions dictate. Shelves are constructed with channel shaped and a flanged edge, adjustable on 1/2" (1.27) centers the full height of the cabinets. Solid doors are double wall, telescoping pans with interior channel reinforcing between pans. Glazed doors are double shell design, with a one-piece outer frame, die-formed to receive a rubber gasketed glass panel, held in place by removable insert strips. Doors are available either hinged or sliding, with hinged doors hung on three semi-concealed stainless steel hinges. Right hand hinged doors fitted with two point up and down know latching, left hand doors with astragal, dummy knob and spring loaded nylon roller catch. Sliding doors are provided with semi-concealed, ball bearing sheaves set into the bottom edges of the doors, riding in stainless steel tracks top and bottom. Door frames are fitted with die-formed recessed pulls welded in place.

WELDING: All welding accomplished by heli-arc method. All exposed welds ground smooth.

FINISH: All exposed surfaces are free from pit marks, weld seams and scale, and polished to a satin finish.

OPTIONS: Sloping tops, additional shelves.