BB103G Gel Bean Bag Positioner, Shoulder Cutout, 30"W x 40"L



Product Description

Gel Bean Bag Positioner, Shoulder Cutout, 30"W x 40"L
  • Surgical Bean Bag Positioner
  • Integral Blue Diamond® Gel layer
  • Free Float Gel technology
  • Shoulder cutout
  • Replaceable valve system
  • 1-click open/close valve
  • “C”-clip prevent accidental air loss
  • Heavy duty urethane film
  • Extra flap for instrument clipping
  • Made in USA
  • Dimensions: 30″W x 40″L

This Gel Bean Bag Positioner is a surgical Bean Bag w/ shoulder cutout. Dimensions are 40″L x 30″W. This has an added integral layer of Blue Diamond® Gel built in to the medical Bean Bag Positioner for added patient protection. The Free Float Technology allows the medical gel layer to move independently from the rigid bean bag layer. The valve is easily replaced if damaged. The black polyurethane film is extremely durable and repels staining. Simply hook up to a suction line to evacuate air and product molds to shape. Open valve and product returns to a relaxed state.