AC40 | Universal Clark Socket fits Round Post Accessories



Product Description

This Universal Clark Socket is built with solid stainless steel making a robust side rail clamp. Engineered to securely hold any surgical devices and accessories with round post up to 11/16"Dia.

The universal design allows this socket to be used on all north american operating room tables. Set accessories at any angle plane parallel from the table with the unique positive locking clamp.

 Universal Clark Socket:

  • Solid #304 stainless steel construction.
  • Securely holds any round post accessories up to 11/16"Dia.
  • Easily mounts on all North American surgical table side rails (1-1/8"H x 3/8"T).
  • Attaches at the rail ends or notches.
  • Provides complete angular control with positive locking style clamp.
  • Easily removes from side rails.
  • Made in the USA!

       Clark sockets built in the united states