Product Description

MATERIALS: Stainless Steel, Type 300 series, nickel-bearing;

GAUGES: Sides, bottom, rabbets, outer door pans, top railing, shelves - 18 gauge. Recessed base - 16 gauge. Drawers, back panels, inner door panels - 20 gauge.

CONSTRUCTION: Cabinets are constructed as complete and separate units, independent of adjacent units or additional components for rigidity or stability. Double walled drawers and doors close flush with the cabinet face to present a neat, clean appearance. Bottom of cabinet is fitted with a channel shaped base. Gussets with leveling bolts are welded into the corners accessible through button-covered holes punched in the cabinet bottoms. (Base is omitted when installation on masonry bases is specified). Attachment affects a toe space of approximately 3" X 4" HIGH (7.62 X 10.16) Doors are of double wall, telescoping pan construction, fitting into the rabbeted frame of the cabinet, and hung on semi-concealed, stainless steel hinges. Doors are equipped with die-cast aluminum bar pulls and spring activated nylon roller catches. Drawer bodies are a one-piece construction with coved corners. Drawer face equipped with die cast aluminum bar poles. Drawers operated on ball bearing roller slides with full extension. Shelves are fabricated with channel shaped and flanged edges on all four sides and are adjustable on 1/2" (1/27) centers.

Additional Information
Model Number DP47HS
Part Number 2013647000
Width 47"
Height 35-3/4"