FP-165-7-UF | Disposable Donut Head Positioner: 8"OD x 3-1/2"ID x 3"T

REF: FP-165-7-UF


Product Description

This Donut Head Positioner is designed to protect the head, ear, iliac crest, and other crucial pressure points.  Made with pressure relieving PU Foam for optimum stability while in use.

Donut/Ring Positioner Features:

  • Single-Use Head Positioner.
  • Positioner measures: 8"OD x 3-1/2"ID x 3"T.
  • Protects the head, ear iliac crest and other crucial pressure points.
  • Designed for optimum stability.
  • Cut to provide maximum exposure to operative sites.
  • Utilizes Eco-Friendly Harvest® Foam.
  • Case of 24 Positioners.
  • Made in the USA!