FP-185-UF | Disposable Well Leg Holder Pads

REF: FP-185-UF


Product Description

These Single-Use Well Leg Holder Positioning Pads are used to support the non-operative knee during arthroscopic procedures.  The universal size allows for use with a wide variety of patients.

Arthroscopic Well Leg Holder Features:

  • Single-Use Foam Positioner.
  • Supports the non-operative knee and leg during arthroscopic procedures.
  • Provides stability, eliminating the need for pillows or metal frames.
  • Universal Size: 32" x 10" x 5". 
  • Cut to provide maximum exposure to operative sites.
  • Utilizes Eco-Friendly Harvest® Foam.
  • Case of 4 positioners.
  • Made in the USA!