Universal Armboard Pads: 24" Long

REF: AP124


Product Description

These Universal Armboard Pads are made for 24" long surgical armboards. Each pad is available in 1", 2", 3", or 4" inches thick, with four levels of pressure relief.

These pads include a center hook and loop Velcro set (loop Velcro sewn onto the pad) for easy attachment and security.

Each pad is cleanable and covered with a black, 4-Way Stretch, Soft Skin Conductive Cover. Offering extra flexibility and increases pad longevity.

Which Foam Type is best for you?

Tier 1 – High-Density Standard Foam Armboard Pads:

High-Density Standard Foam is an open-cell, polyurethane foam making a resilient and long-lasting pad. It's high density, supports the pad from bottoming out while distributing weight across the whole pad.

Your economic choice for use in short-term procedures.

Tier 2 - Pressure Relief Armboard Pads:

Pressure Relief Table Pads are designed with multiple layers of foam, each playing its role to protect the patient from pressure sores. The top layer includes 1/2" of pressure-relieving memory foam, which conforms to the patient's anatomy, increasing surface area, and distributing weight. The pad then includes high-density base foam, which prevents the pad from bottoming out.

Ends patient discomfort and ischemia during long-term procedures.

Tier 3 - Pressure Relief PRO Armboard Pads:

Pressure Relief PRO Table Pads are constructed similar to tier 2 pads, with multiple layers of different densities of foam. This pad includes a superior 1" of pressure relief memory foam, designed to conform to the patient. High-density base foam works in conjunction, protecting the patient from bottoming out.

The Superior 1" Pressure Relief Memory Foam makes this pad ideal for long-term procedures or to protect fragile patients.

Tier 4 – Elite Gel & Foam Combo Armboard Pads:

Elite Gel & Foam Combo Table Pads are designed with multiple layers of foam and gel, offering a complete pressure relief system. Includes a 1/4" top layer of Polymer Gel, which distributes the weight and prevents the pad from bottoming out during long procedures or with patients that are overweight. Next is a 1/2" layer of pressure-relieving memory foam, which conforms to the patient's body. The base layer includes a high-density foam designed to support the pad from bottoming out.

Complete pressure relief, ending pressure injuries during long-term procedures, and overweight patients.

Universal Armboard Pad Features:

  • Pad Measures: 24"L x 6"W
  • Fits MDT, Shampaine, OSI, and other standard 24" armboards.
  • Available in 1", 2", 3", or 4" thick, to match the thickness of the table pads.
  • Velcro kit included with each pad.
  • Made in the USA!


Available Accessories: