3in Pediatric Gel Chest Rolls: (4 Sizes)

Item #GP643


Product Description

Pediatric Chest Rolls are designed to protect the patient's entire chest area from pressure points.  The flat bottom increases non-roll stability for the prone position.

This line of 3" wide x 3" high pediatric chest rolls are produced in 4 standard lengths.  They are ideal for a endless variety of positions & procedures. 

GP643: Pediatric Gel Chest Roll, 3"W x 3"H x 6" long.
GP644: Pediatric Gel Chest Roll, 3"W x 3"H x 8" long.
GP645: Pediatric Gel Chest Roll, 3"W x 3"H x 10" long.

GP646Pediatric Gel Chest Roll, 3"W x 3"H x 12" long.

Prone Position:

  • Place under torso to allow for chest expansion.
  • Place under feet to protect from nerve damage.

Supine Position:

  • Place under the patient's knees to keep leg slightly bent.

Lateral Position:

  • 3 inch height allows for positioning of the knees & ankles in the lateral position.
  • Place along the abdomen for side-to-side stability.
  • Flat bottom offers greater stability and keeps positioner in place.

Reverse Trendelenburg:

  • Place under the patient's knees for added pressure protection.

Gel Chest Rolls:

Provides ultimate pressure relieve; mimicking fatty tissue to reduce shear and prevent pressure injuries. High density gel absorbs shock, stretches, and retains its shape.  All Coulmed's Gel is latex free, MRI safe, and Radiolucent.