A5010 | Urology Drain Collection Bag with 5 gallon capacity: Case of 10



Product Description

This case of Urology Drain Collection Bags is the proven fit to collect fluid waste when floor drain or suction is unavailable. The internal baffle system coverts liquids to gel making a "leak proof" design. Bag features built in handles making easy transport to disposal. The patented design allows for a large 5 gallon capacity.

Urology Drain Collection Bag:

  • Collects fluid waste when floor drain or suction is not available.
  • Internal baffle system enables the container to fill evenly and makes a "leak proof" design by converting liquids into a gel.
  • Built in handles for simple transport.
  • Superior 5 gallon capacity.
  • Includes flexible hose tubing and connects to standard Uro-Catcher: A5313.
  • Individually packed, non-sterile.
  • Availability: In-Stock Guarantee; Same day shipping!