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Let's Talk Overhead LED Lights

Lighting in Detailed Inspection Areas

Dark and dingy?

Nope, not this basement.

Lighting is super important on both sides of the Sterile Processing department. At the preparation and packaging stations and the processing sinks on the decon side, lighting that is up to the standard is essential for instrument inspection. LED light allows technicians to spot damage or debris on the instrument. To the naked eye, cracks or hidden bioburden can be difficult to see, but with proper lighting and a magnifier, instruments will be thoroughly inspected before use. 

 "Generally, all functions performed within a processing area require detailed inspection and accuracy. Ancillary lighting should be considered for areas where instruments are manually cleaned and inspected. Lighting fixtures should be selected and mounted in positions that focus the light in front of the employee so that they are not working in their own shadows."

- AAMI ST79 Lighting



Recommended guidelines from The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) for detailed inspection areas is 1,000 lux for the least amount of light to 2,000 lux for the highest recommendation of light, which is twice the amount recommended for general inspection. Areas of detailed inspection, including both the prep and pack area and the sink areas in the decontamination room. Depending on the age of the technician, the minimum amount of lighting can change. Older technicians will need more light than younger technicians. 



Do your detailed inspection workstations have adequate lighting for your technicians? If you are interested in a new workstation or sink, give us a call at (800) 564-6050! 



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