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Let's Talk Processing Sinks | Etched Gallon Markings

All of our decontamination sink basins feature etched gallon markings for accurate measurement of cleaning solutions inside sink basins. Sinks are filled multiple times throughout the day by different technicians, making volume markings helpful in ensuring proper chemistry dilution because they ensure correct measurements and consistent outcomes.

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Let's Talk Magnifiers

Processing Sinks Visual inspection during decontamination is extremely important. Enhanced visualization tools are essential to spot residue that the human eye can not detect. With increasingly complex instruments, inspection for damage and contamination are crucial for patient safety, to prevent infection and to ensure the instrument works correctly before it is packed and sterilized.   “Proper overhead lighting and lighted magnifying at the workstations is absolutely essential to ensure that the SPD technicians are able to perform the inspection of surgical instrumentation adequately.”              -Mary K. Lane, MHA, CSPDM, CSPDS, CSPDT     Prep & Pack Workstations Increase quality in your department's inspection practices with digital magnifiers. Providing adequate lighting to ensure your team can...

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Let's Talk Processing Sinks | Timers

Why are Line-of-Sight Timers so Important? Digital timers are essential to have in your Sterile Processing Department to meet the standards for best practice and ensuring compliance. Line-of-sight timers increase accuracy and efficiency on soak and rinse cycles streamlining the timing in your processes. The highly visible, waterproof display is perfect for soaking stations and sink spaces to monitor soak cycles.        It's Time to Get Digital Why guess when it comes to the timing on your processing sink cycles? Without a timer or clock in their line-of-sight, how can the technicians using the sink prove they are adhering to the correct IFUs? In such a meticulous system, timing can be everything. It's easy to assume that you can keep track, but it's...

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