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Let's Talk Case Carts | Custom Sizing

Made To Fit Your Unique Needs   The term "custom" tends to go hand in and with a more expensive product since it is tailored to your needs. With a Coulmed Case Cart, there are no customization charges. We understand the importance of having a cart that can navigate through tight spaces while maximizing tray storage.   Made with the highest grade American manufactured stainless steel, our team works with you to design a case cart that can do it all- from shelves that fit your robotic trays to finding the perfect fit for your dumbwaiter!                                                      ...

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Let's Talk Case Carts | Bolt On Construction

What is Bolt On Construction?   Choosing optional bolt on construction for your case cart means that the bumper, handles, and doors can be easily unbolted and reattached. This allows part order replacements which are faster and less expensive than repairing or replacing welded accessories, or in some cases the entire cart which can sideline that cart for months. The bolt on process is simple and can be done within your department. This option insures little downtime and many years of use.                                                      "The convenience of bolt on construction gives me added insurance that if anything is...

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Wheels on the Cart go Round and Round

 Standard Wheels Vs. Over-The-Road Wheels    Looking for a wheel guide on your upcoming custom case cart order? While creating your custom case cart, it is important to consider the environment that it will be used in on a day-to-day basis. Depending on your sterile processing department needs, you will need to be familiar with the intended purpose that each wheel type offers, to ensure maximum durability and long-term use. All our wheels have heavy duty housing fully constructed with stainless steel. Fully sealed bearings with internal stainless-steel components are standard spec for every one of our wheels. Sizing is a 6-inch-high temp wheel for both types.   Back To the BasicsOur Standard Wheels are known for the smooth, quiet...

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