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Wheels on the Cart go Round and Round

 Standard Wheels Vs. Over-The-Road Wheels 


Looking for a wheel guide on your upcoming custom case cart order?

While creating your custom case cart, it is important to consider the environment that it will be used in on a day-to-day basis. Depending on your sterile processing department needs, you will need to be familiar with the intended purpose that each wheel type offers, to ensure maximum durability and long-term use. All our wheels have heavy duty housing fully constructed with stainless steel. Fully sealed bearings with internal stainless-steel components are standard spec for every one of our wheels. Sizing is a 6-inch-high temp wheel for both types.


Back To the Basics
Our Standard Wheels are known for the smooth, quiet ride they offer along the trip from the SPD to the Operating Room.


Roll Like A Boss
Our Over-The-Road Wheels are the wheel of choice for any offsite SPD cleaning. The thick wheel casing provides protection for cart contents during the bumpy ride between locations. Each wheel has a weight capacity of 800 lbs.


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